How to Use the Virtual Platform

Want to know where to get started with the virtual platform at ESPID 2022? Find out below.

Features include:

  • Networking
  • Watching sessions live and on-demand
  • Exploring all the abstracts and e-posters
  • Connecting with industry representatives
  • And more.

Enjoy the Meeting!

Networking Features

There are many ways to network on the virtual platform and in the sessions. Before you explore how to use the platform, watch this video to find out about some of the networking features to try out once you are logged in.

Getting Started on the Platform

Logging In

Log in via the ESPID 2022 website with your credentials received from your welcome letter.

Time Zone

Select your preferred time zone to follow the program schedule according to your local time.  


Click on the “Enter” sign to access the Internal Lobby – the main place to navigate to the different areas in the ESPID 2022 Platform. ​


Choose a place to explore either from the top menu bar or the lobby areas.

Complete Your Profile

For a better networking experience, we suggest updating your profile.

In the navigation menu, click your initials and then “Profile”. Fill out your information in the blanks and the algorithm will recommend more people similar to you in the live chat.

Connect with People

Click on People to explore your recommendations for people to connect with! Enhance your networking possibilities through our powerful matchmaking algorithm.​

You will see 4 tabs:

  1. List of everyone registered on the platform and their current online status
  2. Your message box
  3. Recommended people – if you fill out your profile the system will be able to make better recommendations
  4. Your connections – your personalized list of people you have added as connection

Be Active to Win

Check the Leaderboard for the most active participants – the more participants explore the online event, the more points they will gain!

Messages & Saved Files

Find any saved downloadable documents in your Virtual Bag.​

Check your notifications via Messages.


To easily locate a specific session, speaker, exhibitor or any related exhibitor documentation/ video, click on the Search functionality and type any keyword.


If you have any questions, contact the Technical Support team via the Chat icon available on all platform pages during the Conference days.

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