Meet The Expert Sessions

ESPID 2022’s Meet the Expert Sessions will consist of interactive case-based discussions with one or two expert discussants together with a coordinator and selected presenters who will present and discuss cases on a topic of interest. The experts may frequently use case reports with questions regarding diagnosis and management, usually chosen from ESPID 2022 abstract submission.

Do I need to pre-register for Meet the Expert sessions?
There is no need to register for a Meet the Expert (MTE) Session. If the room is full you may need to choose to attend a different session.

Meet the Expert Topics and Presenters

MEET THE EXPERT 1: Prolonged/Recurrent Fever

  • Experts: Asgeir Haraldsson & Maria Koliou
  • YE Coordinator: Harsita Patel

MEET THE EXPERT 2: Bone and Joint Infections

  • Experts: Jesus Saavedra & Oana Falup Pecurariu
  • YE Coordinator: Sose Margaryan

MEET THE EXPERT 3: Staphylococcal Infections

  • Experts: Pablo Rojo & Nikos Spyridis
  • YE Coordinator: Karen McCarthy

MEET THE EXPERT 4: Infections in the Immucompromised Host

  • Experts: Emmanuel Roilides & Johannes Truck
  • YE Coordinator: Paul Torpiano

MEET THE EXPERT 5: HIV Prevention and Management

  • Experts: Vana Spoulou & Alistair Bamford
  • YE Coordinator: Vera Chechenyeva

MEET THE EXPERT 6: Congenital Infections

  • Experts: Vassiliki Papaevangelou & Daniel Blázquez-Gamero
  • YE Coordinator: Nuria Sanchez

MEET THE EXPERT 7: Tuberculosis

  • Experts: Nicole Ritz & Delane Shingadia
  • YE Coordinator: Abdul Mannan Mustafa

MEET THE EXPERT 8: EUCAST Breakpoints and Interpretation of Susceptibility Testing Results

  • Experts: Gunnar Kahlmeter (virtual) & Julia Belicki
  • YE Coordinator: Athanasia Xirogianni

MEET THE EXPERT 9: Infections Suggesting Immunodeficiency

  • Experts: Fani Ladomenou & Philipp Agyeman
  • YE Coordinator: Theodora Papastamatiou

MEET THE EXPERT 10: Management of COVID-19

  • Experts: Charalambos Antachopoulos & Elisabeth Whittaker
  • YE Coordinator: George Lawson

MEET THE EXPERT 11: CNS Infections

  • Experts: Athanasios Michos & Tobias Tenenbaum
  • YE Coordinator: Peter Velikov

MEET THE EXPERT 12: Vector Borne Infections

  • Experts: Aubrey Cunnington & Evangelia Piperaki
  • YE Coordinator: Else Bijker

MEET THE  EXPERT 13: Neonatal Infections

  • Experts: Despoina Gkentzi & Paul Heath
  • YE Coordinator: Grace Li

MEET THE EXPERT 14: Severe/Complicated Pneumonia

  • Experts: George Syrogiannopoulos & Annemarie van Rossum – invited
  • YE Coordinator: Corina Fainarea

MEET THE EXPERT 15: Setting up an Antibiotic Stewardship Programme

  • Experts: Elias Iosifides & Theoklis Zaoutis
  • YE Coordinator: Deidre Foley

MEET THE EXPERT 16: PID and Refugee Child Health

  • Experts: Alexandra Kruse & Ioanna Pavlopoulou
  • YE Coordinator: Isabella Dewandel
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